:: Means of existance; ::
Increasing the awareness for the importance of healty nutrition is the reason for us to exist. We do give intensive importance to hygene in our plants and try to distribute our products to every part of the world to be convenient to every customer that deserve healty best quality products under the brand of Ser-Pak.
:: What we desire for; ::
We do desire and work hard to be the leading brand in the packaging and filling sector We do plan to expand in exports and provide the products that are manufactured in EU standards to national market.
:: Our qualifications; ::
Working hard for the hygenic standards in our products and well being of our customers are the main purposes of us. Cooporating with our employees and creating a synergy with our customers leaded us to the point we are now. We are always ready for new ideas and advises for making people's lives easier, healtier an happier with our product range.